The Comparison of Concept of Belvedere in Iranian and Indian Gardens

Document Type : Research Paper


M. A. in Landscape Architecture


The belvedere as one of the most important elements of Iranian garden is that part of garden that you can look through it from an upper level towards the garden. This element, in Iran and India’s gardens, seems very differently. In the Iranian garden, it is selection of a point for looking at the garden’s landscape. In this case, viewer’s look is completely referred to the garden’s view and is tied up to its aesthetical elements. In the Indian garden, point of the belvedere is not that important. Moreover, the aim is various views in different areas of garden and showing the organized geometric system on its bed. This research attempts to study concept of the belvedere in two aspects, content and the body, in Indian samples to find the reasons of mentioned varieties.
According to this article, despite of Iranian samples, the belvedere in Indian gardens not for the decorated and selected landscape comprehending in Main Street, but it is designed for a full domination on its various levels. Actually, the different perception that emerges from landscaping the Indian garden varies the concept of belvedere.