Aims and Scope

The Quarterly Journal of Art and Civilization of the Orient (JACO) aims to provide a platform for understanding and introducing the oriental world by identifying and developing the potential of oriental thinkers and enthusiasts of oriental culture. To this purpose, this journal attempts to increase a sense of self-esteem among young people and scholars, to promote cultural development in oriental societies, and to revive the authenticity of oriental criteria in today's societies. Presenting new theories and interpretations in explaining the concept of the orient and the components of its art and civilization and clarifying this important part of civilization will respond to many questions about the future of human beings.


In line with its goals and policies, Journal of Art and Civilization of the Orient (JACO) intends to be indexed in recognized international databases. To this end, the journal aims to familiarize the various communities, especially the western societies, with the oriental readings of the oriental art and civilization.