How is the review process of the manuscript submitted to Journal of Art and Civilization of the Orient (JACO)?

For more information about the reviewing process of manuscripts in JACO please visit the "Peer review Process" section.


How can I check on the status of my submission and the reviewer’s comments?

You can track the status of your submitted paper online. The system you use to track your submission will be the same system to which you submitted. The results also will be e-mailed to all author.


Can authors appeal against the reviewers’ comments?

If you disagree with the some or all of reviewers’ comments, you may submit your  appeal in a text entitled "Responding to reviewers" and upload it through ‘Add files’ tab on your profile in journal website and provide a counter-argument against reviewers’ comments and support them with the convincing evidence. The answer will be reviewed by the editorial board and the reviewers and then you will be informed about the final decision.


How long does the editorial review take?

If the initial version of the article complies with the terms and conditions of the journal, the review by the editorial board will be completed within a maximum of seven working days. If the initial version requires revision and correction, the review by the editorial board will be completed be within maximum seven working days after receiving the first revised version.


How long does the approval process (from submission to publication) take?

The whole process from submission to acceptance takes approximately three and a half months.