About Journal

Orient is the cradle of human civilization; this famous belief has been highlighted in many historical and cultural reports. But there is still no consensus on the concept of Orient, and its boundary is not exactly clear. The Orient covers a wide geographical area from North Africa to East Asia. Iran, the Middle East, China and Far East, India, Egypt, Asia Minor, Central Asia and North Africa are among the most famous parts of its lands. The long history and rich culture and art of these lands have always encouraged scholars to carry out studies on the history, culture, and art of the Orient. This also motivated Nazar Research Center to publish a scientific journal on art and civilization of the Orient. Hence the institute, which is mainly involved in research in the art and architecture in Iran, decided to publish a quarterly journal under the name of Journal of Art and Civilization of the Orient (JACO) since winter 2013.


Journal of Art and Civilization of the Orient (JACO) is published quarterly and accepts articles in different fields of art, architecture and civilization of the Orient and related disciplines such as archeology, history, sociology, philosophy, anthropology, linguistics, and the history of myths and religions. The articles submitted to the Journal are peer-reviewed and after acceptance, are published in both Persian and English language.



The journal aims to re-examine the culture and civilization of the Orient within a wide cultural context, its ancient and current geography through reflection and innovative thinking while employing approaches inspired by the Oriental culture. The introduction of new theories associated with this important part of human civilization will shed light on many uncertainties about today’s culture. To introduce new research in the fields of oriental art and civilization to international societies, this journal has published articles in both Farsi and English since it was launched.