Journal of Art and Civilization of the Orient (JACO), is the academic quarterly of Nazar Research Center for Arts, Architecture and Urbanism (NRC) which is published in both Persian and English and accepts articles in different fields of art, architecture and civilization of the Orient and related disciplines such as archeology, history, sociology, anthropology, linguistics, and the history of myths and religions. The journal aims to re-examine the culture and civilization of the Orient within a wide cultural context and its ancient and current geography through reflection and innovative thinking while employing approaches inspired by oriental culture. The introduction of new theories associated with this important part of human civilization will shed light on many uncertainties about today’s culture. To facilitate the use of researchers, this journal is open access for the authors.

Article Publication Charges: Open Access publishing is costly and we charge authors for this. Starting with Fall 2023 this journal charges fees from authors for various stages of receiving and publishing articles. For information on the amount and payment steps, refer to the Article Publication Charges section.

The articles submitted to this journal will undergo a double-blind peer review process and will be published after three rounds of reviewing and editorial approval. The journal also uses iTenticate for checking similarity and plagiarism for English manuscripts and Hamyab for Persian manuscripts.

 Journal of Art and Civilization of the Orient (JACO) welcomes contributions from scholars, academics, and professors to fulfill its goals.


Current Issue: Volume 12, Issue 43, April 2024 

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